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FUNGICIDES (from armor. fungi - mushrooms and caedo - I kill), in-va, the destroying harmful mushrooms. The main scope of fungicides - protection of page - x. cultures from diseases. Use fungicides in the corresponding form (see. Pesticidal preparations ) by spraying or pollination of plants, processing of the soil or as protravitel of seeds ; apply also in equipment as antiseptics to protection nemetallich. materials from biodestruction and in medicine as antifungal means . Each fungicide possesses a certain range of action against different types of mushrooms (and sometimes also bacteria) and is not universal.

The fungicides used in plant growing subdivide on protective (or contact) and system. The first apply for prevention, they affect only pov-st of plants or seeds, killing disputes of phytopathogenic mushrooms or preventing their development. System fungicides get in a plant, are capable to move on its vascular system that allows not only to prevent diseases, but also to eradicate the infection which deeply got into vegetable fabric . However use of system fungicides often leads to emergence of resistance (stability), for overcoming the cut is alternated by preparations with razl. the mechanism of action or use mixes of preparations.

Available wide range of Fungicides:
Acrobat 20g, Antracol 30g, Ciamp 30g, Consento 20ml, Cuproxat 25 l, Melodi Duo 25g, Previcur 1l, Previcur 25ml, Ridomil 25g, Savit100g, Savit 20g, Score 2 ml, Teldor 8g, Topaz 3g, Topsin 10g, Trivolit 30 GR, Airone 1l.

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